A summary of what is to come

In addition to all our other learning resources, this is a summary of the training materials we are currently developing for our Master Classes.

This diagram will help you decide which Modules and Sections are most relevant to you. It is only a summary overview. When you sign up, we will provide a more detailed summary against which you can track your learning progress. Please also watch the video below about all the Nearly Wild Learning Products for more information. Direct training is structured under a series of Subjects. Each has Modules and Sections. These are still in development, will be broadly as summarised here. To enable you to choose the right mix for you we price by Section. As more is developed there will be options to buy complete modules at discounted prices. Early clients will gain also access to other discount options.


Instructor Bio:

Steve is an eco-preneur with a passion for wild places and exploring our relationship with the natural world. He brings practical working knowledge of Wilding in practice and the engagement of a wide range of stakeholders. He also has an unusual cross sectoral understanding, based on practical experience, including effective integration of economic and social wellbeing benefits. He has worked in environmental and rural development positions in the UK and overseas (including work in over 14 countries with longer periods in Alaska, Tanzania and Nicaragua), as a forester and an ecologist, as well as many rural development positions. For 20 years until he worked as an engagement consultant specializing in the rural environment and natural resources with the company he established and ran, Resources for Change. He continues to work with them as a consultant. Steve is also responsible for founding and developing Nearly Wild Camping, www.nearlywildcamping.org (a member owned co-op which is self-funding with well over 4500 members); and most recently Nearly Wild www.nearlywild.org, which has two core overlapping functions, namely: helping organisations establish connectivity between people and natural processes and developing a more integrated approach to enhancing ecosystems, underpinned by nature friendly business and supply chains. Steve and his wife Irene also run Underhill Farm (a permaculture based venue running allow key activities and hosting a number of events, training courses and informal learning opportunities). When not at work, Steve is out having fun and with friends and his family. This has included numerous trips and mini expeditions including mountaineering in Nepal; travelling west coast of USA; canoeing in Scotland; walking long distance paths; climbing in the alps; as well as lot of local fun from scuba diving local coasts to northern Scotland, walking local hills, canoeing local rivers and any opportunity to explore our wildlife and relationship with the natural world.

Steve Evison

Bonus material

As well as core modules, we are developing additional material including:

  • Bonus videos

    Short video think peices giving quick insights into the experiences and learning of others from around the world.

  • Bonus resources

    So you don't have to write so many notes, we provide supporting information and resources to download with your module.

  • Bonus opportunities

    Opportunities to join live forums and 'generator camps', to share and learn with peers in supported, facilitated, structured and informal environments.

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Nearly Wild learning products

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